#2 Eight crypto facts 2018

What will 2018 bring for crypto currencies? As cryptocurrencies explode in value, from Bitcoin to Ether, I think we are witnessing the birth of a new paradigm for business, economics and finance. Big companies like Siemens, IBM, MasterCard, WallMart are jumping in to the market as well as big players from logistics, energy, agriculture, food, pharmaceutics and more.

Though in the early stages of the blockchain based economy, there is sufficient evidence we are in the midst of a transformation shaped by the Internet’s growing global network infrastructure: Wifi network proliferation. Decentralised finance. The sharing economy. Peer-to-peer transactions. A new transaction trust mechanism. Mobile commerce. AI. Internet of Things. None of this could happen without the Internet so now on to the next evolution.

Let’s all think bigger. Don’t fear the Blockchain. Let’s shape a better world. I think the blockchain economy means new jobs, millions of new businesses, new careers, new wealth creation, new venture capital, new services and financial products. You get it. Maybe we get to tackle big grand challenges like smarter health care, climate change, clean energy and hunger.

Big ideas deserve big wonderful innovations to make happen.

Some facts that I forecast for 2018:

1 Blockchain enabled services are up and coming. From security, to commerce, to transportation, commerce, trade to energy. Imagine entire cities designed for and enabled by the blockchain. Smart City Initiatives will expand to blockchain applications.

2 Fiat currencies go digital. Central banks and nations will entertain and develop digital assets to be representative of currency. Think digital tokens for Yuan, US Dollars and of course the Euros. The exchange rate of digital to crypto will accelerate economies.

3 Digital energy tokenisation will be more widespread. There is much value hidden in the global energy supply chain. A new market will enable a new economy by digitising energy supply networks that foster innovations and clean energy alternatives.

4 Digital supply chains on the blockchain: Most are quite wasteful and not digital but analog. A more efficient and secure global network of supply chains leveraging the Blockchain will happen.

5 Health data on the blockchain. New companies that use the blockchain to create pools of users that want to enhance their health, prevent disease and support their wellness could create a new global health services ecosystem.

6 Transforming global food production. This is next for transforming the one billion people who do not have clean water or access to food. This could be resolved with Blockchain innovations. First projects will start in 2018.

7 From artists, to musicians to creative makers: The Blockchain Enables Independent Entrepreneurs. Get paid for your creativity in crypto. More people to people direct crypto commerce.

8 The Blockchain transforms finance and investments. What we see already is that funding for startups through crowdfunding declined. We will see new financial products that enable investment, such as Blockchain ETF’s, Crypto Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds, blockchain futures, token peer to peer trades, probably crypto retirement products, A mixtur of digital assets will transform the investing marketplace offering individuals new choices leveraging Blockchain economics.

Get ready for the new Digital Age. Study crypto! It will be important to our children. Why not for you?

Source: adapted from Reuters, BBC, James Canton

Author: CryptoRobby

Robby Schwertner [CryptoRobby] CEO INNOMAGIC GmbH

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