#9 2018 is the Year of Artificial Intelligence on the Blockchain!



  1. Blockchains are able to host AI and BigData analytics.
    Until now they are not.
  2. AI put on Blockchain makes contracts even smarter
  3. We will ess more AI as model for new services on the blockchain

What are the beautiful porcelain vases threatened by the ripple elephants:

 www.aicoin.io combines the pinpoint accuracy of Artificial Intelligence for trading with “Wisdom of the Crowd” to create wealth for token holders. Founder Gavin Smith

https://peculium.io/ Adam merged with Eve to avatar AIEVE – LinkedIn Account! – assisting people to manage savings. Founder Rashid Oukhai´s long term perspective: AI for scalability. Tangle material?

https://Energimine.com cutting-edge ArtificialIntelligence to procure energy and manage your data. Use AI to trawl market data for better efficiency of the energy market. Founder Omar Rahim

0xmagnus.com see themselves creator of the as world’s first robotics and AI automation token. Interesting! Founder Arshad Hisham is a top expert in AI

twitter: blockchainrobby

Author: CryptoRobby

Robby Schwertner [CryptoRobby] CEO INNOMAGIC GmbH

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