Russia World Cup grows! 2 new fan platforms: for real life, for fantasy sports

According to FIFA, over 3 billion people tuned in the 2014 world cup, a billion of those watching the final game alone. The running event, the 21st in the row, taking place in Russia, will most likely surpass these numbers. While the tickets are limited, there are other ways in which fans can show their overwhelming support and dedication.

There are not many world events that are able to capture attention of half of the world’s population.

As we move towards more and more fragmented media landscape, where people have to actively choose where to invest their limited attention span, this fact becomes even more extraordinary.

Although the soccer World Cup is already the most popular sports event in the world, it is set to become even bigger. In 2026, the number of participating teams will see a bump from 32 to 48, extending the appeal and reach of this cultural phenomenon.

The effects of the World Cup on the hosting and participating countries are something of a miracle as well. From the reputation of the hosting country, to new infrastructure to the over-all feel good effect, the event is a rejuvenating force for the hosting nation. There are even rumours, that the hosting countries see a baby boom 9 months following the event! It seems that some fans really want the full experience.

As the teams battle for supremacy on the pitch, fans all over the world are facing a struggle of their own : how to get through the noise and get their voices heard and recognised. Juggling through a growing numbers of channels and media outlets, their passion gets dilluted, and their growing time investment goes un-noticed.

Fan360 – fan platform will reward activities of fans!

As it happens, the technology to solve this has been there all along, but it has taken an ingenious team to put it together in the right manner. Fan360 – a innovative platform, which consolidates all the news, updates and scores in one place, enables fans to engage directly and rewards them for their dedication. The upcoming blockchain foundation of the platform will reward the fans with tokens, which will then be exchanged for tangible rewards like event tickets, merchandising and even face to face meetings with the stars.

Fan360 is therefore a way, to give something back to the global community of fans, which now give away enormous amounts of energy and time. The reward system, which is the defining feature of Fan360, makes things fair and enables the never ending circle of “passion begets rewards begets more passion.”

This new approach, which already brought Fan360 over 130.000 active users on the mobile app exercising their joy and passion for the World cup, will also enable clubs and stars to engage more deeply and directly, recognising the true fans and tailor their experiences.

As sports become more interactive than ever, it’s clear that the modern sports fan doesn’t just want to watch. Sports fans want to participate, too. Fantasy sports challenge players to act as general managers of their teams, drafting lineups based on actual professional players.

Fan360 offers pre-sale at the moment details on their website:

Telegram group:


Fan360 app in AppStore and Google Play!


Stryking – Taking Fantasy Sports To The Next Level

By using rich data, fantasy sports are much more than just a simulation game. By definition, fantasy sports use real-world data to determine the performance of the equivalent fantasy teams and players.

Football-Stars uses real-world match data from Opta to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each player and team after the match, turning the game into an engaging challenge for keen fans. In their game one can participate in “Challenges” based on the real players from the Champions League, Bundesliga and all major European leagues.

Fantasy sports is a billion-dollar global industry, and modern technology makes it possible to update fantasy sports platforms with real-world data quicker than ever. Players need to keep real-world performance in mind and stay up to date with matches to manage their team well.

Football-Stars is free-to-play, giving users instant access to the game with no upfront cost. However, some of the premium functions and content require payment to access. It gives football fans a fun and flexible way to engage with their favourite sport.

In Football-Stars, users can still play without purchasing or using any STRYKZ. Rather than replacing the current game model, STRYKZ will add new features by rewarding users with tokens for content creation, generation of in-game engagement, providing community services to enhance the user experience, and from their football knowledge and passion. The German Pay TV broadcaster Sportdigital has adopted the Football-Stars platform as a white label product.



Author: CryptoRobby

Robby Schwertner [CryptoRobby] CEO INNOMAGIC GmbH

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