Crypto crowd never sleeps!

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When waking up in the morning, we tend to check Whatsapp messages, scroll through Instagram or facebook, have a look at LinkedIn, open some emails (did the boss text me?). Many people take their mobile devices to bed and wake up with it – I admit, I often do too!

Especially people working with blockchain, coding, managing an ICO, social media community managers lose the clear structuring of day and night in this digital networked 24 hour non-stop society.

Smartphones can also be “stimulants” for another reason: The screens usually emit high levels of blue light. And that confuses the human body, which believes that it is still daytime outside and sends the signal “Unlock the day mode!” to the internal clock.

Especially crypto crowd has not yet found the right balance in the use of the laptop, the smartphone, tablets. A smartphone that is switched off on the table distracts you from immersing yourself in the conversation as if your smartphone was not on the table.

Smartphone addiction is a common affliction of today’s youth, young adults, and thirty-somethings. The ability to acquire information instantly at one’s fingertips has drastically altered the way people communicate and consume information.

A group of people can often be seen crowded around a table at a restaurant or bar, each one with his or her eyes glued to the hand-sized glowing screen. Even more: If we look in restaurants, one might think that today, smartphone belongs to the cutlery, leaving out is a difficult exercise, and if we adults set such rules for our children, we must adhere to them as well.

Main problem of people working in the blockchain sphere is that it seems they never sleep. Chronobiology is a field of biology that examines periodic (cyclic) phenomena in living organisms and their adaptation to solar- and lunar-related rhythms. And amongst active blockchainers and crypto folks this natural cycle is often very disturbed.


I just can draw the following conclusion: let´s sometimes go out without the smartphone, let´s try to read a book, to go for a walk in the forest completely offline. And realise how addicted we are: NO PIC for Instagram, no checking of messages?

Yes, it is hard, but we have to admit that we all are addicted!!!

But admitting that, is the first step to change it.

Author: CryptoRobby

Robby Schwertner [CryptoRobby] CEO INNOMAGIC GmbH

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