World Blockchain Landscapes 2019

The Blockchain Ecosystem is growing worldwide. We have collected some of the blockchain landscapes and discovered that they vary in quality.

The Austrian Blockchain Landscape has been updated in October 2018 by enliteAI and CryptoRobby

We also found different other Blockchain Landscapes which you find below. However, many countries and we hope that new overview emerge.

Swiss Blockchain Newcomers of 2018!

Israeli Blockchain Landscape:

Netherlands Blockchain Landscape 2018:

UK Blockchain Landscape 2018:

Vietnam Blockchain Landscape:

Candadian Blockchain Landscape:

If you find more blockchain landscapes we will publish them here too. Please text me via

Author: cryptorobby

My Dreams I dream of applications beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Creating a Blockchain Return on Society Foundation (BROS-Foundation). YESSS: Return On Society! Blockchain Reality Blockchain use cases I have recently had a thorough look at: energy: photovoltaics/green energy, e-mobility, real estates, health, food tracking, banking, AI, relief aid and crazy stuff like sports platforms, art. Systems: Ethereum, Neo (!) ICOs / Blockchain Projects Mingling with ICOs/Blockchain projects. Growth hacking. Looking white papers. Writing crypto related postings, touching stories only. Crypto security Installing a crypto anti-hacking initiative HackerTracker to protect the values and visions of blockchain. Blockchain Conferences 2018 January 30, 2018: Blockchain for SCF Masterclass , Frankfurt, Germany February 13-16, 2018: Finovate Europe 2018 London, UK March 1-2, 2018 Asia Blockchain EXPO, Davao, Philippines March 5 Speaker, Dubai, UAE April 16 Speaker Follow me on Twitter @cryptorobby! (LinkedIn) Blockchain Influencer: This blog is not linked with my activity at FFG, statements reflect my personal opinion. ____________________ ► Questions? Ideas? Dreams? Visions? mail to:

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